Grammy (Martha T. Robinson) retired in 2012 after an almost forty-year career teaching special education students in the Rock Hill School District. She decided to realize her life-long dream to become a writer. In order to develop her writing skills, she returned to her alma mater, Winthrop University–class of 1970, a Bachelor of Science degree and class of 1972, a Masters of Education degree–and enrolled in several creative writing classes. Writing 501 or Writing for New Media was one of those classes. Grammy was on her way–to discover the world of blogs, internet, and to explore cyber space.

Here is an unpublished poem about the death of my mother, mentioned in my post: Literacy Narrative, the beginning:




I remember a dark-haired woman.

She made a red dress for me,

a blue one for my sister Wanda.

A baby was coming.

My brother Darrell was born.

I jumped off the porch onto a nail.

She washed my foot, kissed my tears.

She took me to start first grade,

but they said I was too young.

She went to the hospital.

Another baby brother was born.

We went to a church in Missouri.

I sat between Daddy and Grandma.

The preacher called out names,

Henry, Carolina–where was Mama?

Martha, Wanda, Darrell, Larry–

was that my new brother’s name?

Grandma held me up so I could see

Mama asleep in the bed at the front.

I asked her to wake up,

watched for her eyes to open.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Memory has faded as I’ve aged from six to sixty,

but when I look at my granddaughter,

brown hair, brown eyes, round face,

tiny dimple in the curve of her mouth–

I remember Mama.

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